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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    As a lover of fiction and storytelling, I obviously have affection for the cinema and television shows. I think it is a beautiful way to relay a story to people, and just like books, shows and movies carry messages in them that can be just as impacting as any book. So in this post, I am going to give my top ten favorite shows. Most of them are on-going, but there will be some that are finished that you will most likely be able to access on Netlfix.

    So in no particular order, let’s begin:

1. Scandal. If you liked The West Wing or any conspiracy show, this is exactly what you want to watch. It has everything from political and government conspiracies, to secret agencies, and spies. Excellent acting and eerily realistic. This show is great, but it is also unnerving because you can see how it could all be true. Very good for those of you who like a lot of action and government agents. (ABC)

2. Arrow
For the superhero lover in me, this is one of my favorite shows. I was never huge into reading comics, but I always loved watching the superhero cartoons on CartoonNetwork as a kid, and I grew up going to every superhero film in theaters. Though this is a show on the CW, I found that I loved it. I like few shows on the CW just because they seem too teen-love filled (though I have to confess that I really like Reign despite its ridiculous out-of-period costuming and dialogue). Check Arrow out, it’s a show that will beg you watch the next episode. (CW)

3. Agents of SHIELD. As I said, I love me some superheroes. This is an excellent spin off from the Marvel movies that blew up the box office. Watch it, you won’t regret it. (ABC)


4. Firefly. I watched this show a few years ago and was immediately sucked in. I’m a lover of science fiction. I grew up on a healthy dose of Star Wars and Star Trek as well as reading and watching Dune by Frank Herbert. This is a great (and short series) to delve into if you aren’t into science fiction. Also it doesn’t hurt that Nathan Fillion is the main character (mmm I love me some Nathan Fillion, also known for his work on Castle -which is a great crime show). However, like most of Joss Whedon’s shows, it is short. There’s only one season of Firefly, but when the show was cut they did a movie called Serenity, which provides at least a little more closure to the story. If you like Joss Whedon’s work, make sure to also check out Buffy and Dollhouse. (FOX)

5. Prison Break. This is my newest and latest love. I started this show last week after putting it off forever. I always knew people said it was a great show, but I didn’t believe them. Let me honestly say, this is one of the most in depth and detail oriented plots I have ever seen on TV. It contains the political intrigue that Scandal has, with a mixture of brotherly devotion that is found in Supernatural. An excellent show for anyone who likes action shows. (FOX)

6. Doctor Who. This would not be a Top Ten TV Shows post without this show. I hope that most of you have watched this program because it’s most definitely worth it. At first, I was quite unsure of it. It seemed weird and super nerdy, but believe me when I say that this is a show that carried more continuity in the entire on-going series than a single season of American television. It’s fantastic in everything. The first season (not in the Classic Who, but in the more recent series), has an extremely low budget, so if you can live through the first season, everything gets better from then on out. I mean David Tennant is beautiful so at least stay for him if for nothing else. But rule number one of Doctor Who: never skip the ninth doctor (season 1). (BBC)

7. Sherlock. This is another show that has been quickly gaining ground in America (finally!). If you like Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, or past Sherlock movies, this will trump them all. I began watching this show only when the first season was out, and let me tell you how painful that two-year wait is. Good God it’s a terrible wait, but so worth it. The most recent season (series 3) is airing now in America and has already aired in Britain. Check it out. I believe the first two seasons are available on Netflix. (BBC)

8. Merlin. This is another BBC production. It’s a family friendly show and so very very endearing. As a lover of British lit, fantasy, and the adaptations of King Arthur and his knights, I absolutely LOVED this show. For any lovers of BBC television or fantastical shows such as The Legend of the Seeker (based on the The Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind, which I feel that it is incumbent upon me to say the books were way better than the show), you should watch this show. I believe you can also find the entire series on Netflix in America. (BBC/ Syfy)

9. Downton Abbey. Most of you American and otherwise, have probably heard of this show. It is phenomenal and well acted with a historical setting that is so driving and passionate for the time period. If you have already watched this show, you may want to try the newest show The Paradise. It’s one of my new favorites. (BBC)

10. Community. This is a thirty minute show, and is probably the most well-deserved comedy found on television. This is the funniest show I’ve ever seen. I laugh constantly when watching an episode; sometimes, I even have to pause it in order to laugh. If you are looking for a pick me up show, you should watch it. This show found me in a really dark summer full of crappy classes and living at my parents, so watching this show with Addison was probably the highlight of my summer.  (NBC)

*BONUS* I’m going to add 3 more that I feel are very important to mention: 

Game of Thrones*: This does not need an explanation, does it? (HBO)

Vikings*: If you like Norse mythology or anything historical, this is definitely a show to check out. Keep in mind this is not an easy show to watch if you have issues with blood. It has a lot of violence, but it is so excellently executed. Great show! (History)

Da Vinci’s Demons*: This is one of my newest loves. It reminds me of a mix between Game of Thrones (only slightly) and The Borgias (because of the Florentine setting). A great drop into history and a little supernatural events sprinkled throughout. (STARZ)

*These are more adult (rating MA) shows than the ones listed above in numbered format.

So there you have it. I am a story junky; therefore, I love TV shows that hold a plot. If you have any recommendations or want to fangirl over the shows I listed, leave a comment and we can chat! Or you can catch us on Twitter: @OfSpecsandBooks

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