A Sunday Soliloquy: Vampire Academy

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preface: Okay, okay. So there has been a lot of love it or hate it feels going around for the new film Vampire Academy. I am the first to give some judgey side eye to the Vampire craze that has hit youth, menopausal women, and every one in-between. Yet after seeing the hype and discussion with my fellow book bloggers on twitter, I figured I would give it a shot. I hadn't ever dreamed of picking up the popular vampire series (because I am a distinguished YA reader after all. Cough, cough.), so I had no idea what I was getting into.

I won't lie, I've had my Twilight phase, and you are lying if you said you never had one. I took up arms for Team Edward or Team Jacob, though I refuse to confess whose side I sympathized with. (I will take that secret to the grave.) Then I grew up and was graced by the YA gods with good taste in literature. And if you still think that Stephanie Meyer is a good author then come here my sweet summer child, and let me introduce you to good writing.

So, last night my BFF and co-author Amanda and I were craving a movie date, and and all our must see movies weren't coming out until the next few weeks. We decided to take a chance on Vampire Academy, and if it sucked (pun intended), then we made a pact to deny that we ever went to see the movie.

Amanda's Thoughts: I went into this movie feeling very guarded. It's a vamp movie, and I expected no different from Twilight, honestly. Boy, was I glad I was wrong. This movie had all the qualities of a good teen movie. It had a lot of action, just a hint of romance but it wasn't swimming in sexual tension and a googly eyes, and a good theme of friendship that struck me as very endearing. This movie is riddled with excellent one-liners, and I pray to God that you have a good audience that laughs just as much as we were. I think that people were more laughing at us laughing at the movie. Overall, it was an excellent $5 spent, and I would do it again! It even made me want to read the books!

Addison's Thoughts: I loved, loved, loved this movie. While this wasn't some deep philosophical thriller, it was a funny, and cute teen movie. I enjoyed that the cliche vampire traits were poked fun at, and that some historical lore was woven into the plot. The story relied heavily on romance, friendship, and a heaping dose of pop culture (which I loved). Amanda and I found ourselves laughing continuously throughout the film.


  1. Glad you guys liked it so mcuh! I have been waiting to see it with my friend, who also reads this series too, once she gets back from college.

    1. I will say that movie is very little like the book. Like it has the same overarching events, but it kinda makes it like a spoof of vampire lit -which is actually extremely funny. I watched it before I read the books -I LOVED the books, but I'm happy I watched the movie before I read them because I might have gotten a little upset at the changes. But seriously, it is extremely funny if you have the slightly dry slightly sarcastic sense of humor that goes along with it! I hope you enjoy it!


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