Top Ten Tuesday: Snow Day Edition!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last night I anxiously refreshed my internet browser in hopes of seeing any type of news regarding the weather. Like most teachers, there are few rewards with my job. One of these tiny little gems comes in the form of a snow day. Luckily, the education gods smiled down upon me and I received a phone call this morning at 5:45 letting me know I had the entire day off. Let me tell you, I was one happy little lady. While I am getting a lot of work done (no really, I am), I am also taking time to tackle all those pleasures I have set aside for a rainy day....or in this case, a snow day. In honor of this lazy yet spectacular day, I decided to list my top ten things everyone should do on a snow day.

1. Do at least one load of laundry. You will thank yourself later. Laundry is my evil nemesis and hamartia that always brings me to a bitter and sockless demise.

2. Let yourself have a hot date with Netflix and your remote control. This was not a hard task to accomplish, since I am still trying to dig my way out of a Prison Break black hole. While I didn't spend the entire day with that red and white screened succubus, I did let it play in the background while I graded papers and played several rounds of Flappy Bird.

3. Tackle a project that you've been avoiding. I mean, let's face it. The snow is probably going to prevent you from leaving your house, so you might as well face the music. Pick a project that you can start and finish in one day.

4. Google pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston in casual sunday afternoon date attire, and decide what you should name your future children. Pshhhh. Who does this? Not me. I totally did not do this at all so you have no reason to check my internet history.

5. Start and finish a book. Snow days are great days to have a read-a-thon. There are tons of books out there that you can easily read in one setting. (Future top ten post? I think so!)

6. Plan a trip. The cold getting you down? Plan a trip some place warm and sunny. Don't just look up plane flights and hotel expenses. Get down to the details. Google coffeeshops you want to try, read reviews for entertainment hot spots. Plan out your whole trip even if you never go. It is always fun to dream.

7. Do a cellular spring cleaning. I have found this to be a healthy and rewarding task. It is also fairly easy, as you can sit and complete this while watching tv, listening to music, etc. Keeping your ex's phone number? Get rid of it! Still have that awkward picture of Uncle Hal drunk at thanksgiving? Don't lie, you don't really need that memory. Whittle down the apps on your phone, getting rid of the ones you never use (I'm looking at you, Temple Run).

8. Search for community programs that you can become involved in. Today I discovered a organic co-op that meets twice a month near my house. It is a cheap and affordable way to purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

9. Read the newspaper. When I was little I always imagined myself as an adult. My image consisted of me rising early to eat breakfast and leisurely read the paper before work. Flash forward 15 years and my reality is usually me running late for work and grabbing a granola bar out of the pantry whilst looking for a missing shoe. Treat yourself. You owe it to childhood you.

10. Go play in the snow! Seriously. You are never to old to play in the snow. Afraid of looking creepy? Take a pet or a friend's child (with permission). No one will judge an adult playing in the snow with a child or a cuddly animal.

Were you snowed in today? How did you spend the day? Tweet me at @ofspecsandbooks! 

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