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Friday, March 14, 2014

Originally, I saw Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) do a post like this, but Ashley from Your Super Awesome Life came up with it. I thought it was such a good idea. There are so many times we see users on our Twitter feed or posts that pop up on our Bloglovin accounts, but we don't immediately think that these are real people. I think we forget that most of us, even though it doesn't seem like it at times, have lives outside of our blogs. We have work, kids, interests, activities, and organizations that we are a part of outside of our Internet community. So... imagine a coffee shop atmosphere. The clinking of mugs, the clicking of keyboards, the smell of coffee beans, the scattered soft voices in the room, the call for orders, and let's chat.

If we were having coffee... I would tell you about how excited I am about this blog! I would tell you that I never dreamed a Christmas break experiment would turn into something as large as this... or as fun! I mean, let's be honest, I get to do this with my best friend, someone who loves the written word just as much as I do. And the friends you make along the way in the book-blogger community are so kind and welcoming, I feel like I've been a part of it for ages, but in reality it's only been a little over a couple months. I would ask you what interested you in the book-blogging community? Did you want to participate as a reader, reviewer, friend?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I am obsessed with three songs right now: We Did It When We Were Young by The Gaslight Anthem, We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by Soko, and Pentatonix's version of Say Something. Those songs just give me so many feelings. I would ask what your newest musical obsessions are?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I am 10 books ahead of my reading challenge on Goodreads. To some people that wouldn't be a big deal, but to me, it is HUGE! I've always had measly reading challenge goals (mostly consisting of 25 books). College took over my life and eradicated most forms of pleasure reading, but now that I have a job and my time off is my time, I have read more books in a two and a half month period than I do in 8 months. To me, I have already reached a goal. I would ask you what your reading goals have been and what they are now? How have your reading habits changed?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you how excited I am to be off from work for almost a week for my make-shift Spring Break. I'm so excited about seeing my two younger sisters and actually being at home with my parents for once. I would ask what you are doing for Spring Break?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that my life is hectic right now. I would be honest, and drop the fa├žade. I feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. I would tell you that I don't feel fulfilled with the spot I am in this journey we call life. I would tell you about my desire to be in a different place, but the obligation of bills and duty ring too loudly in my ears for me to up and leave. I would tell you about my desire to go to grad school and how I pray that it is in my near future. I would ask you what you're doing? Are you happy with life? Have you ever had challenges that made you want to force-quite life in general? What did you do to change it?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I'm really excited about going to Julie Murphy's book launch in Irving, Texas on the 15th. I'm excited to meet her and make new friends. I would ask you what has been your favorite book signing? Are you going to any signings or launches any time soon?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I have been blazing a trail in my fourth novel. I have been writing for a number of years now and have recently begun writing my fourth book. I wrote over 11K words last week alone. That's a huge feat for me, especially when work takes up too much time for me to sit down and write and stay consistent with my writing schedule. I would tell you that I'm really proud of my work so far. It obviously has issues with it being a first draft and all, but there's something different about this one. Something that is starting to solidify, but I can't quite make it out yet. I would ask you if you write books? Or if that's even something you desire to do?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I have this ache to travel. I just want to pack my bags and go to a destination that I've never been, where they speak a language that is foreign to me, and where I will stay for a undetermined amount of time. My wanderlust bug is jittery again. I would ask you where you want to travel? Have you ever been out of the country before? If so, where?

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I have tattoo fever. I've never gotten a tattoo, but I have two ideas, and I really want them both. Eeeekk!! This is a bad thing for a poor book blogger. I would ask if you have a desire to get a tattoo? Have you gotten one before? Did it hurt?

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me? Let's chat and get to know each other!

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  1. Good for you for reading 20 books already this year! I haven't done any challenges since 2012, when I completed one (reading 7 out of 5 books) and completely bombed on another (reading only 1 out of 10 books). After that, I didn't feel like signing up for any more in case I "failed" (because that didn't feel very good). My reading seems to come in fits and starts. I've only read a couple of books in 2014... but between August and October of last year I read close to 30 books. It's not like I have a lack of reading material; sometimes I just don't feel like reading (usually after a string of not-so-great books).

    1. I totally understand. I go in spurts. Luckily, I recently found a string of decent books. When I find good books or gets sucked into a series, I read like a fiend. Sometimes, it's all a matter of finding good books... which can be hard.


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