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Sunday, March 30, 2014

As a lover of books and the written word, I love words in all forms. For me, inspiration can appear anywhere--from poetry, handwritten notes, to even a billboard on the side of the street. As a writer I soak it up, especially in a inspiration drought.

My favorite types of inspiration can be found in music. There are so many songs with lyrics that just make my heart hurt and take my breath away. There are certain songs that just make my pen beg to be used, and my spirit fill with stories longing to be told. Today I thought I would share my current top 5 favorites (which are always changing).

1. Battlefield by Lea Michele 
I've always been one that turned my nose up to all things Glee until my last significant other showed me the charming side of the kitschy teen drama. Since then, I stumbled upon Lea Michele's newly released album which is nothing like Glee and contains everything that is good. Her song Battlefield simply tugs at my heartstrings. The lyrics and her voice evoke so much pain that tell a story begging to be fleshed out into a novel. 

2. We Did It When We Were Young by The Gaslight Anthem
I'm not sure how I found this song, but when I did I could not stop listening to it. Really. I had this song on repeat for a solid two weeks. After that two week period, I wrote a short scene based on this song that is one of my favorite pieces to date. This song got me out of a long writing drought, and sparked some really original stories that I am still working on.

3. Skinny Love by Bon Iver 
Amanda introduced to me to this song at a time in my life that I was completely broken. The haunting melody of this song was something that resonated with my heart. Since then, I always turn to it when I want to write something nostalgic and full of longing. It still strikes a deep chord with me today.

4. Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk and Nate Ruess
THIS SONG. I have so much love for this song/video. This is a song that Amanda and I will play in the car at full volume and simply belt to our heart's content. Nate Ruess from Fun. adds such a unique dynamic with Pink and they tell such a passionate story. I turn to this song when I want to remember what it is like to feel infinite. There were very few moments in my life that I experienced that feeling, but the times that I did I clung to them. Everyone should feel infinite at least twice in their lives.

5. Charlie Boy by The Lumineers
Warm meadows, sunshine, white cotton dresses, early evening thunderstorms, daisy chains, and sweet tea on a front porch. Songs evoke such strong images, scenes, or memories for me. While this isn't something I've ever experienced, I feel like I have because this song creates such a vivid image in my mind.

What are some of your favorite songs? Did I hit any of your favorites? Let me know! Or, head over to Spotify and listen to my March playlist

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  1. Thank you for listing some of my favorite songs and letting me know I'm not the only one with such a strong reaction to them!


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