Top Ten Things on My Bookish Bucket List

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. So this week I have the distinct privilege of telling you what my bookish bucket list --not that it's too far off from my normal bucket list, let's be honest here.

1. Publish a book. I know, I know, this sounds super generic, but really this is my ultimate dream. I have been writing for a number of years now, and I'm in the middle of my fourth novel. I have every intention of pursuing publishing after my latest round of edits (which could be as early as this summer). 

2. I want to have my own office. I'm a artist, writer, and candlestick maker (not really), so I need my own space to create and express myself away from other's judge-filled gazes. I already have an idea of how it would look too! The walls would be entirely filled with built-in bookshelves, and my desk would be right beneath a window so I could look outside as I write -and my easel would be in the corner near another window. 

3. I want a library with a ladder. I mean, come on, who hasn't seen Beauty and the Beast and wanted to slide on a ladder across beautiful shelves full of books? This is what I want. Maybe I could have a ladder in my office; that would definitely be cool!

4. I want to meet Sarah J. Maas. In the past year, she has become one of my all-time favorite writers along with Tamora Pierce and Christopher Paolini. I saw Christopher Paolini at a book signing in Dallas on his final tour of Inheritance luckily enough, but I have yet to see Tamora Pierce. It seems like she rarely does visits anymore, especially in the south. So my final one would be Sarah J. Maas. I freak out when she tweets me so God knows how my fangirl heart would trip over itself to meet her. (I also would love to meet J.K. Rowling, but let's be real, I'm not going to get to do that).

5. I want to go to BEA and ALA conferences. Ever since I began book blogging with Addison, we have both been dying to go to these conferences. That is one of my goals in general: go to more conferences, but especially BEA and ALA. I have such a rich love for the written word that transcends just books. I love the people that come along with these richly worded books. They are a wealth of knowledge.

6. I want to read Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas without putting it down. I've tried half a dozen times to read it, but I've always put it down. It's extremely daunting. That's the only book that intimidated me because of its size. If you know me, it's usually 'the bigger, the better', but this book just intimidates the crap out of me.

7. I want one of my reviews to be quoted on the cover of a book. I hope that doesn't seem vain, I just think that it would be really really cool! 

8. I want to go to the Harry Potter theme park. Ever since it opened, it has been my dream to go there. I love Harry Potter you guys! That is a series so near and dear to my heart -one that has changed me. I read all 7 in one summer and that was when I was completely changed. It sounds like a cultish conversion, but I'm serious. They affected me so greatly, and I loved seeing the comparison to our world throughout the pages. Rowling is my hero and forever will be.

9. I want to present a paper at the Pop Lit Conference. A professor of mine in college avidly sent in papers to the panels. He is one of my professors that I know will leave a lasting impact on me. He wrote stuff over Pink Floyd lyrics and Poe's Annabel Lee. I just think it's really cool. I would love to present a paper over The Hunger Games (but I think it's slightly overdone now), or some other YA lit book.

10. I want to take a backpacking tour of Europe and hit up all the literary hot spots. I would love to see Tintern Abbey, actually go into the Notre Dame cathedral, visit the Anne Frank house, see Juliet's home in Verona, things like that. Give me truth, and let me see beauty along with it.

What are your top ten bookish things on your bucket list? Comment or Tweet me: @amandapate


  1. Nice list! I wouldn't mind a library with a ladder, either. That would imply a library with a lot of books... which is never a bad thing!

  2. "I want a library with a ladder" THIS. I want this too :) And yes, read Count of Monte Cristo!! I love that book. <33 Though I own it in a three-volume set - so it never looked that daunting to me.
    " take a backpacking tour of Europe and hit up all the literary hot spots" ME TOO.


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