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Thursday, May 15, 2014

If you are in college, many of you have probably finished finals by now. You're probably just focusing on chilling out and relaxing or prepping for one of your many summer trips. Those of you in high school are just trying to survive the last few weeks of pointless classes and end of the year field trips.

Seeing as I have been to quite a few pretty awesome events lately (the Scholastic warehouse sale, and the Dark Days signing) I am hosting a giveaway just for funzies!

I'm giving three books and one signed bookmark to one lucky winner (in the US only). 
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
The Land of Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer
A signed The One bookmark by Kiera Cass


  1. Another reason this is one of my two favorite book blogs: Y'all don't just write reviews, you write reviews like you're just having a discussion with a friend. It makes me feel like we're chatting over tea and it is such a nice way of finding new books to look for!

    1. Awe! Thanks, Rachel! We aim to please lol! It's a lot of fun! I love writing reviews and sharing my love of books with friends. Thanks for stopping by! btw miss you bunches!

  2. God, You just told my life in a few sentences. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This is a really cool giveaway, so thank you for the chance to win this awesome swag!


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