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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yesterday, Jamie and I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Irving Public Library and be a part of the Dark Days tour! It was one of the coolest events we've ever attended and there were other authors moseying about the masses like Julie Murphy and Jeramey Kraatz. We came with books in hand, ready to meet the authors.

[Kimberly Derting, Danielle Paige, Kelley Armstrong, Kiera Cass]

First let me tell you, ALL of these authors were extremely kind! Kimberly Derting was a doll and super funny, Danielle Paige was classy and soft spoken, Kelley Armstrong was enlightening and engaging, and Kiera Cass was enthusiastic and overjoyed! All of these authors were so different, yet all of them could not believe the hype and the turn out of the event.

I only brought Sea of Shadows and Dorothy Must Die, and I fully intended to by The One and The Taking at the event; however, they were sadly sold out. We went through the line of authors, and we got to meet each one individually.

First was Danielle Paige. She was super sweet and very excited to sign my book (I was one of the first in line). She was kind and talked about how publishing a book is so different from actually writing and producing a screen play or writing soaps.

Next was Kimberly Derting. Have I told you guys how precious she is? She is hilarious and captivating. She told the hilarious story of how she came up with the idea for The Taking, and it had me rolling. Let's just say it involved a dentist office. Sweet and funny lady. I really can't wait to read The Taking and The Body Finder series. Even though I didn't have a book for her to sign, she signed a poster and gave us some awesome swag!

Then there was Kelley Armstrong. I'm sure you guys have gathered, but I love her work. Sea of Shadows got me out of a pretty terrible reading rut, and her world building is absolutely astounding. She also talked about how she came up with the world Moria and Ashyn live in. What she said was so interesting. She said that she based it off of Japan, and got inspiration from many Japanese events and places. Very intriguing, and it brought a depth to her books that I appreciated knowing.

Lastly was Kiera Cass. I see all of you with your pitchforks and burning torches intent on killing me when I say that I have not read any of her books. I know, I know, please don't kill me! Kiera was awesome though! She was extremely nice, and signed five bookmarks for future giveaways, plus gave me like ten more bookmarks to give out. She was really kind, and her enthusiastic personality really made me want to pick up her books.

Anyways, tonight was definitely a success and Jamie and I had a blast meeting new people and visiting with really awesome authors. If you get the chance, definitely visit them on their Dark Days tour, or if not, just pick up their books. They won't disappoint!

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