Scholastic Warehouse Sale/Book Haul

Monday, May 12, 2014

A few weeks ago, I told you guys about one of my most favorite things in the world: Scholastic Warehouse Sales. Well, I'm going to tell you all about the awesome sales, great books, and fantastic company.

On May 7th, opening day, Jamie and I took a road trip up to Arlington, TX. Though there were warehouses closer to us and in our area, none of them had anything on the Arlington warehouse. This place was MASSIVE, you guys! MASSIVE, I tell you. I've never seen a Scholastic warehouse this big, and I've been to my share. This warehouse was ginormous, which meant more books to buy!

We spent three hours in this book heaven, and we bought books. I'm not talking about a few here or a few there... we bought stacks of books. Shelving units as far as the eye could see were filled with boxes of books, and we wanted all the books. Both of us together ended up filling a large buggy.

All of the books in this warehouse was at least 20% off, but there were even more than were 50-80% off original price. When I say sale, I mean an actual sale. I bought 29 books and 3 audiobooks (at less than $100), while Jamie bought 24 books and 3 audiobooks and 2 picture books. Together we are talking 55 books!

Not only did they have excellent steals, but they actually had a really great selection too! YA books were abundant, but even more so were Middle Grade lit. So if you are a fan of Middle Grade, this is definitely a sale to go to. Also, this warehouse sale is really good for teachers who want to build up their classroom library, or librarians who want to buy cheap books for the libraries.



  1. =O sounds heavenly! I've never heard of a Scholastic warehouse sale until right this second but I looked it up and there's one near me!!! How did you guys get in though? Mine says it's for teachers, librarians or school volunteers =(

  2. Ooooo! definitely go! I will tell you that not all warehouses are created equal. Some are bigger than others, so if you can go to one in a big city, that would be preferable. Just select school volunteer. They don't check or anything. You could even say you are a homeschool mom or something, but they never ask at the warehouse. They just want to make sure you have the pass, which gives you major discounts. :) Have fun! If you do end up going, post a book haul and let us know, we would love to see what all you bought! :)

  3. There is only one warehouse listed in my state and it's not a city but large or small I'm sure it will still be awesome! I've never been to any type of warehouse sale before so I'm excited =D Okay cool I was thinking of saying I was a homeschooler because there's no way for them to check that and I used to be one so it felt like the lesser lie, haha. I think I'm going tomorrow morning, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! Thanks so much for telling me about it =)

    1. That's awesome! Ah! I hope it goes well! I just find it to be such a magical place! :)


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