Owning or Borrowing?

Friday, July 25, 2014

I was talking to Addison about this a couple weeks ago. She was getting on to me for not using the library to the extent that I could. So that posed the question, do you guys like to own books or borrow books more?

For me personally, I am a book buyer. I love owning books and showing them off on my pretty, overly-full bookshelves, but Addison on the other hand loves borrowing books from friends or getting them from the library. That's not to say that I'm super rich and can buy all the books (I wish!), but it's not until I'm really desperate for a book and completely broke that I actually go to the library and check out a book.

So what about you? Do you like buying or borrowing books more?


  1. I have always loved owning books more than borrowing them, but before blogging I was better at accepting the fact that, however much I wanted to, I could not own ALL THE BOOKS.

    But all that kinda hit the fan once I started blogging and got even MORE into reading (which I truly never thought was possible).

    My library going has decreased dramatically because I find myself spending every spare dollar I have on buying my pretty precious books. And I also receive review books, which I may have previously borrowed out from the library.

    Although there are still books that I don't feel the need to own but want to read - those are the ones I'll usually go and borrow from the library.

    But like I said, I absolutely adore owning books. Because then I can look at them, and remember them, or look forward to them. And one day (one day!) I will have a huge library filled with my preciouses. :D

  2. I prefer to own books. Aside from the "ick" factor of library books and their mysterious stains (seriously... what are people doing when they're reading these things?!), I feel so much pressure to finish a library book (even an e-book) that it diminishes my enjoyment of the story. I don't like feeling rushed. (I'm not sure why I feel this way, especially since I usually finish with plenty of time to spare. I guess I just don't do well with deadlines.)

    I will resort to borrowing if an e-book (which is mostly what I buy these days, to keep costs down) is expensive and I don't have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. That's the case with the book I'm reading at the moment. I waited until the library had it available because I was not about to pay eleven bucks for a bunch of ones and zeroes that I'll probably only read once (plus, I don't own the first book in the series, so it seemed strange to buy the second).

  3. I prefer owning books. I love that I can just wander by one of my bookshelves, choose a book I haven’t read in years and flick through the pages anytime I like! I don’t reread as much as I used to, (mainly due to lack of time) but just skimming my favourite scenes is something I love doing. Borrowing a book just doesn’t feel the same to me. Plus, I don't do very well with strict deadlines, and those renewal dates haunt me!

  4. I don't have convenient access to a good library so I own all the books I read. BUT I don't care about owning most of them after I've read them. I have a few keepers but I give away, trade, or sell most of my books after I'm done reading them.


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