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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'd like to consider myself a pretty well read girl in the YA universe, and generally have a favorite book from each genre. Looking at my "favorites" shelf really got me thinking. What exactly makes a book a favorite for me? Is it the storytelling? The characters? The writing style? After further inspection of some of my favorites, I decided that it is a mixture of a little bit of everything.

Shatter Me Triology 

by Tahereh Mafi 

THESE BOOKS. Be still my heart. Mafi writes in a way that makes me blush and my heart soar all at the same time. Her knack for metaphors make me jealous, and her stream of consciousness writing appeals to my writer's heart. Also? Homegirl knows how to write a solid love triangle. I am normally one that rolls my eyes at them, but this one left my heartstrings being pulled. 


The Book Thief 
by Markus Zusak 

This is hands down my favorite book. The love I feel for this book cannot be put into words. I have passage after passage highlighted in this book because Zusak writes so damn beautifully. The emphasis on words and storytelling throughout the book is poetic and poignant. I loved how Zusak was able to show the beauty and brutality of humanity; something that I find difficult to express. Beauty can come through the midst of a tragedy.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

by Benjamin Alire Saenz 

I love books that make me think about life beyond my own. Aristotle and Dante did just that. Two boys discovering love is never easy. Yet Ari and Dante's story is told so exquisite that you can't help but fall in love with the two characters. Their story made me realize that there are struggles far beyond my own, and that no issue is less important than another.

What are some of your favorite books? Why? Let me know!!

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  1. My favourite books are favourites for different reasons. Sometimes I'm not even sure why I like a book, other than that it speaks to me on some level. Usually, though, if I really like a book, it'll be because of the main character.

    Some of my favourites are:

    The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner - This is one of my favourite middle-grade reads. Gen is just awesome. He's a really fun character with a great personality that really comes across in the writing. I think his voice is what really made me like this book... and it's probably also the reason why I couldn't get into the rest of the books in the series (they're not narrated by him like this one is).

    I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith - This is a book that's considered a classic by some, though I don't know if it's that widely read. It should be! This story of a girl who lives in a ruined castle, who experiences her first love, and has to deal with crises within her own family is kind of classic, but it has enough unique elements of its own to make it memorable. I really liked Cassandra; I found her very relatable, even if her circumstances weren't exactly run-of-the-mill.

    Tiger Moon by Antonia Michaelis - This is one of those books that few people have heard of, but it's one of my all-time faves. It's got two main characters and the story switches back and forth between two storylines. It also has some unforgettable secondary characters, including a talking white tiger (I'm not usually a fan of talking animals, but it really works here -- probably because the conversations are telepathic). This book's got love, sacrifice, humour, and hope, and a gorgeous Indian setting that sucks you right in.

    Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones - Jones is one of my favourite authors, and this book is a big reason why (Howl's Moving Castle is another reason). Fire and Hemlock is one of those books you'll either love or hate due to the nature of the main relationship (basically, a little girl's adult friend later turns into a love interest... but only after she grows up). It's also kind of a fairytale retelling, and I love those when they're done well.

    There are so many others, too... Before I Fall, A Certain Slant of Light, Jane Eyre, The Chronicles of Willowmere... Don't make me play favourites!


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