Sunday, August 17, 2014

Recently I've moved into a new apartment with new roommates who don't know much about me. When I moved in, I came with a fluffy corgi, new sheets and pillows, and 11 boxes of books. Yes. 11 damn boxes. Needless to say, my brother and father hated me several days when they realized I lived on the third floor.
When I moved in, my roommates stood in shock at my three bookshelves and stupid amount of books. "It's like Hogwarts in here", one of them said. It made me super aware that I may have several quirks and traits that come with my love of reading.
It got me thinking, I know many readers and they all come with a group of traits and quirks. We are a select few that are passionate about books, OTPs, true love, and authentic fanfiction. We fall in love with characters, places that don't exist, and friendships that are too good to be true. While a reader is one that is a diamond in the rough, you must be aware of the side effects that tag along with this lifestyle of choice.

Here is a list of the top 5 book lover problems:

1. Organizing your bookshelves is an experience you find exciting.....and one that no one understands. A boy texted me tonight asking what I was doing. I could have responded with some wild adventure that would make him find me irresistible and alluring. But no, this is how I responded.

See also: this is probably why I'm single.

2. People walk in on you crying at the worst moments and demand to know why. WHY? BEACSUE OF ALL THE FEELINGS. THAT'S WHY. No one will understand the struggles your heart endured as you stood beside Katniss as she fought with her love for two men. Your roommate isn't going to get it when you are crying in the bubble bath because men like Jamie Fraser don't exist in real life.

3. Book borrowing is a sacred act. For real though. If I let you borrow a book, it means I trust you. It means that I've probably met your mother, sister, and the girl who babysat you back in 1st grade. I will know your level of cleanliness and how many times you wash your hands a day. I will know at least two of your deepest secrets and will use them for collateral upon the safe return of my book.

4. There are couples in books, and then there are COUPLES IN BOOKS. These types of love are created from all things ancient and stardust. They are destiny and fate and all that good crap thrown together. You will cry when they cry, and you will hate the guy or girl that tries to stand in the way of true love.

5. You have a nemesis in the book world. Whether it be an author or book character it doesn't matter. You despise this person with an irrational passion. You may hate yourself because her writing is just that good, and dammit, you just bought her newest book. Why do you do this to yourself? She's a terrible person and super sketchy in real life. Your sister's, co-worker's, dog sitter's nephew once met her and said she was a total diva. Ugh. You will never buy any of her books again....until she comes out with an anthology or index of facts about the Shadowhunter erhm, fictional book universe* that you need to know.

That's all I got! I definitely know I am missing some book lover problems. So tell me, what are your struggles? Are they funny? Serious? Share in the comments!!

*The author of this post does not hold any ill will towards any famous author that may or may not have been mentioned on this blog. However, if the writer of this post does in fact become famous, she may snub said author that may or may not be mentioned on this blog. 


  1. This list is so true! I love organizing my bookshelves. Actually.... I think they are calling me for an upgrade sometime soon :)

    Oh Jamie. *HUGE SIGH* Love him.

    1. I just discovered the sexy, sexy jamie this summer. He's ruined me forever. *wistful sigh*

  2. I can relate to these, especially #1 and #3. My family wonders why I'll sometimes stand in front of my bookshelves or re-arrange my books when they *seem* to be in order already. And if I ever get new books and need to find room for them on the shelves...

  3. I really should rearrange my bookshelf. I like to have everything arranged like a library, with my books in alphabetical order by author (with the exception of series, because it seems weird to put the books of a series in alphabetical rather than numerical order). But one of my fiction booksheves? Hah... Let's see... Meyer, Whitcomb, Setterfield, Oliver, Law, Armstrong... Good heavens! What was I on when I put those books on the shelf? I can't see any order whatsoever. (Problem is, at this point, everything's a wee bit dusty. If I start moving books around, I'll have to dust that shelf, and then I might as well dust the whole bookshelf, and if I'm doing that I might as well keep going. I'd rather be reading than dusting.)

  4. Hahahahaha I love this! I'm so in love with my bookshelves (even though I don't have that many books), I don't understand how anyone can not see its beauty. I never let anyone borrow my books. Except my sister cause you know, we're related and I want her to share my joy haha. But I always make sure she takes care of them and she knows how much my books mean to me so she's careful :)

  5. Such a great post! I love my books and shelves and redoing them all the time, my husband thinks I am crazy but I have completely accepted it :)

  6. All of them, but mostly I'm happy to see #5 to know I'm not alone!!! There is an author I feel this way about. Her books are great, but.......she annoys me. Great list!


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