Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Why I chose this book: 
I have seen so many people raving about Colleen Hoover’s books for a while now, but since I was never much into the New Adult genre, I never really gave any of her books a second glance. I decided I would take a chance on her newest novel, Ugly Love, and I’m so glad I did because it brought me to my knees for all the feels it gave me. I loved this book, and I may even go so far as to say that Colleen Hoover may have just made me a contemporary genre convert. Did I mention that I just bought it yesterday afternoon and finished it within 5 hours?

Ugly Love 
by Colleen Hoover
Publisher: Atria Books
Publish Date: August 5th, 2014
Format: Kindle
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
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When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Hearts get infiltrated.
Promises get broken.
Rules get shattered.

Love gets ugly. (Goodreads)

My Bookish Dislikes:
The only complaint I have about this book was the summary. It was oh so much more than what the summary entailed. It was not just the story of a no-strings-attached affair. It was the story of first-loves, grief and heartbreak, and learning how to bounce back. Don’t pay attention to the provided summary, it doesn’t do this book justice in any way.

My Bookish Likes:
I liked these characters. They were real. They were raw. And I actually understood them. Their actions were valid and reasonable and not outrageous. My favorite character was Cap. That 80 year-old man was the perfect yet the most unexpected character I thought to fall in love with. He was this wizened old man that would sit and listen, and when he offered advice, it was something important -not needless words that don’t go anywhere.

I also had major affection for Hoover’s writing style when it came to Miles and his POV. Lord, it made it all so beautiful! Cue all the erratic heart palpitations! 
Beautiful, striking, and soul shattering.

My Bookish Loves:
I loved that it included Miles’ background in steps just as the reader needed to know them, and that story was just as heart-wrenching as the one with Tate. Miles’ character was real and raw and so very very truthful. He carried a burden throughout the book, and it was clear how it shaped him and the people around him.

With Miles’ story, you come to understand the ugliness of love. So many books today love to show the fairytale and the the prettiness and the butterflies. But sometimes, it’s ugly and broken and damaged and disfigured. That’s what this book is about, and I loved how it stayed to that truth.

Tate was also one of my loves of this book. Her character was also so very honest. I didn’t feel like Hoover ever tried to make her someone she was not. Tate never made the self-preservative decisions that many people would caution girls against. She was purely led by her heart, but she never blamed her pain solely on Miles nor did she solely lay blame at her own doorstep. She took it in stride as if this was a part of life, and she had to learn to live. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. I actually expected to find this book to be meh. But I fell in love and drowned with the beauty yet ugliness of this book. It was real and honest, and I flew into love with Ugly Love.

I gave this book 5 stars on my Goodreads.

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