Let's talk how your reading habits and tastes changed over the years

Friday, September 12, 2014

I don't know about you, but my reading tastes have changed drastically over the past 5-7 years. First, let's look at all the major miles stones. Personally, I've graduated high school and college, I had my first real job, began working on my MA in Creative Writing, and I started blogging. Those are some major differences that have affected my reading habits and tastes.


I didn't have a very fun time in high school, but I read purely for my own enjoyment which was a beautiful haven in and of itself. Rarely did I have to read a book for school (there were maybe a handful in my whole HS career), and I mostly read popular books that everyone else was reading.

Titles that I read: Harry Potter by Rowling, Twilight by Meyers, The Inheritance Cycle by Paolini, anything by Tamora Pierce.


I decided to study English, so with that decision, I read a lot more classics, and by a lot, I mean a BUTT-LOAD! I feel like my tastes became richer during this period, more in depth, and certainly more varied in genre. In high school, I primarily stuck to fantasy, but I branched out into a lot of historical fiction, contemporary paranormal, dystopia, and heavy adult fantasy, along with all the classics I had to read for my major.

Titles that I read: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Hodkin, The Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers, Song of Ice and Fire by Martin, The Sword of Truth series by Goodkind, and The Hunger Games by Collins.


In my post-graduate years (a little over a year and a half now), I began blogging, and can I just say how much this blogging thing has totally opened my eyes? I have read more this year than I have in the last two combined (and I'm just counting the books I read for fun, not for class). And my tastes have varied all the more! Also, I have come to the point where I am no longer embarrassed by my tastes, what I like, and how much I read. I have become much more comfortable with myself. I've read more contemporary books (which I never used to care for, a lot more dystopia (thanks to the Hunger Games), and a lot more adult novels that I used to read, and recently my love for fantasy has been revived and now I read everything in that genre practically.

Titles that I read: Throne of Glass trilogy by Maas (OMG this series you guys!), Outlander series by Gabaldon, Ugly Love and Maybe Someday by Hoover, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Queen of the Tearling by Johansen, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Taylor.

Maybe you can tell how my tastes have verged, varied, and differed from my previous experiences. It morphed and changed, and I think that comes with where you are at and what you are doing in your life. My tastes deepened, or maybe it's how I interpret and read into the books I've read over the last year or two.

What about you? How have your reading habits and/or tastes changed over the years?


  1. I've been a reader since I was in elementary school. At first, I started with lots of Beverly Cleary, then added some Judy Blume. I read Anne of Green Gables after I saw the movie, but other than that I didn't read many classics. As I got a little older, I started reading mainly series books: Sweet Valley Twins, The Baby-Sitters Club, Sleepover Friends. That continued until I got to high school (our high school started in eighth grade, so it wasn't like I was reading about kids younger than myself at that point).

    In high school, I didn't read much during the school year. I read a few books in the summer, but I felt too burnt out to do much reading for enjoyment the rest of the time. I read To Kill A Mockingbird in the summer before tenth grade, but I have a feeling the rest of my reading wasn't very memorable. At least, I don't remember much of it.

    In university, I really went on a reading kick. Mostly classics. I read L. M. Montgomery, Jack London, Willa Cather, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott... I read children's classics like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    After that, I sort of shifted into more popular books, and I read quite a few of Oprah's picks: White Oleander, Ellen Foster, She's Come Undone, Where the Heart Is. And then I transitioned into reading mostly YA... which is where I've been doing most of my reading for the past ten years or so. I almost wonder if my reading tastes are going through another change; I'm having a hard time finding YA books that I really enjoy. But I'm not sure if that's because I'm over YA or because I keep picking up bad books.

    1. See? Isn't it so interesting how our tastes change over the years? You've had some very major changes, I feel like, and you've read some really good books!! :)

  2. I tend to read one genre almost exclusively for a few years. I went through periods of romance novels, mystery/suspense, and true crime before I started reading YA. Once I got to YA, I read mostly dystopians and now I've kind of moved on to contemporaries. I never mean to leave a genre behind. It just kind of happens. There are still YA dystopians that interest me, so I'm hoping I can go back to them.

    1. I'm totally with you. Through my sections of HS, college, and post grad, I did the same thing. For a few years practically all I would read was fantasy, or historical fiction, or dystopian. It just happened, it wasn't something I planned. I think that's what I like about reading. Once your tastes shift slightly, there are still a ton of books to read!


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