Hello, Love: November Vol.4

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello, Love consists of the things I've found in my adventures across the Internet, stored in my pockets, and can't wait to share with you. Consider this a secret archive for the bookish, the dreamers, and the movers and shakers of the world.

1. Here are the 13 best things Benedict Cumberbatch has ever done. You're welcome. Enjoy!

2. Man buns. You know you love them... well these man buns will ruin you for short haired men for forever!

3. Are you a Potterhead? Well, this may be the hardest Harry Potter quiz I've seen on the Internet. Consider this a challenge.

4. Idina Menzel and Michael Bubl√© Baby It's Cold Outside. I'm kind of obsessed.

5. Because this winter is likely to be another brutal one, I think everyone should know these winter hacks.

6. Everyone needs an interactive map of Middle Earth. Go forth and have an adventure!

7. Oh my gosh! You guys this Cinderella movie trailer gives me all the FEELS!! Tears everywhere!

8. A different adaptation of the Peter Pan tale. Make sure to check out this new movie trailer!

9. Do you want to know how to support the library in Ferguson? This is how!

Buy a cute scarf, sip on a hot mug of cider and be generous with your time and money, for this is the season of giving.


  1. I only got 6 out of 15 on the Harry Potter quiz. So I'm a "Squib". (I barely remember half of that stuff. Well, I haven't read any of the books since the last one came out, and that was a while ago!)

    Cinderella looks amazing... but does Pan ever look whitewashed!

    1. I thought it was extremely hard too! I don't remember my score, but it was probably somewhere around 8 I think. Either way, I shook my head in shame.

  2. Yes! Thank you for this post. Especially those man buns and Benedict. And that interactive Middle Earth tour/map - very fun. :)

    Oh no, I'm very sad to say that I only got 9/15 right in that Harry Potter quiz. I've read the series 15 or 16 times, so that's definitely the hardest HP quiz I've ever taken.

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda. :)

    1. Haha right? Those man buns. Ugh. beautiful. ANd that HP quiz was crazy hard. I consider myself an HP fanatic, so when I got such a low score, I was so surprised!

  3. These links were awesome. I laughed so hard when I read about how Benedict Cumberbatch described sex with Sherlock. I'm not really a Cumberb*tch, but the words he used just made everything so hilarious. AND EEEEP, THAT HARRY POTTER QUIZ. I'm so disappointed I only got 12/15, but it was better than I expected. Pretty sure a Slytherin wrote up the entire thing, though. I got called a half-blood like it was an insult. >_>

    That Middle Earth map... All I want to know right now is why I wasn't born in a fictional world.

    Not a huge fan of the Cinderella fairytale, but I have to admit that I'm quite looking forward to the film -- especially with so many familiar actresses! And yup, the trailer was magical. I loved the glass slippers, hehe. I didn't know there was going to be a Peter Pan movie too, though. Gonna have to check that one out, too! :D

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

    1. I know! Benedict is my fave! He's just a really really brilliant actor. I got a pretty low score on the HP quiz, and I was shocked. I thought it was pretty challenging, but you got a good score! Go you!

      CINDERELLA! I'm so excited about it! I'm not a huge fan of the original tale but I mean look at all those beautiful actors/actresses!! Cate Blanchett and RICHARD MADDEN?! Ugh, I've died and gone to heaven.


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