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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Thanks goes to The Review Court for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is targeted toward bloggers with less than 200 followers, in order for us to learn about each other and the book blogger world. I've seen this award going around, but I didn't know much about it until she nominated me!

As part of receiving the award, you are provided 11 questions by the one who nominated you. Here are my answers:

1. How long did you think about blogging before you made the leap?
I thought about blogging in general for about 5 years, and I started and ending a smattering of blogs during that time. It took me about a year to really think through starting a book blog though.

2. Do you have another blog or had another blog before?
Yeah, I had everything from a person blog that I updated like once in a blue moon, to a Xanga WAAAYYY back in the day. Half of your young bloggers probably don't even know what that is anymore lol.

3. If you were going to live in space and could only take 3 books, which would they be?
A Voice in the Wind by Francine River, Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, and The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

4. Do you limit your blog to a certain genre, or do you blog about everything? Was this your original intent?
I am a book blog first and foremost. Now, do I just stick to YA lit? Not really. There have been a number of times where I've branched out into New Adult, Middle Grade, and Adult fiction. My initial intention was only to work in the YA category, but I've come to the conclusion that books are books and if I want to write about, then that's just what I'm going to do.

5. If you could only travel to one place outside your country, where would it be and why?
England. I would be completely content with that being the only country I will ever visit. It's gorgeous and I want to live there!

6. How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for nearly a year now.

7. What's your favorite type of dessert?
ICE CREAM! Just any kind of Blue Belle ice cream. It's my weakness guys!

8. Who's your favorite musician or musical artist?
Oh this one is hard. Are you kidding?! I'll give you top three: Phil Wickham, anything that is an Original Broadway Soundtrack, Cody Johnson. 

9. What's the name of the last and next movie you watched and will watch?
I will say theater movies.... Guardians of the Galaxy was the last movie I saw in theaters, and the next movie will be Mockingjay most likely. :)

10. If there were no books, what would you spend your free time doing?
Probably something artistic with drawing or painting... or no, maybe music. That was my life before I got into the world of books and writing. 

11. What's your favorite author of all time?
OOOO.... another hard one. Sarah J. Maas. I think she wins the cake.

Now, I nominate.... Drum roll, please....

Rachel from Booky Bunny
Shayna from Bibliophilia
Rosie from Rosie Reads
Kayla from The Thousand Lives
Nori from ReadWriteLove28
The ladies over at The Books Analyst

Here are your questions:
1. What do you do outside of blogging?
2. How much of the people outside the Internet realm know you blog?
3.  What is your top five favorite reads of all time?
4. If you could meet three people in real life (living or dead) who would they be?
5. What is the longest book you've ever read?
6. In your opinion, what is the best book to film adaptation?
7. Is there a movie that you can quote from beginning to end? What is it?
8. If you could do anything in the world, no matter how much it cost, what would you do?
9. What is your biggest fear and greatest dream?
10. How long have you been blogging?
11. What is the best thing about the blogging community to you?

All right... go forth and be tagged, my friends!


  1. Hahaha... Xanga. I had one of those, too! Until I got bullied off of it, and then Xanga changed to a full-pay blogging site. I'm not going to give them money just so I can take abuse from Internet meanies!

    I'm kind of ashamed to admit that the last movie I saw in the theatre was Frozen... but, in all fairness, after you pay like $30 for two people to see a 3D movie (and that's without any snacks), you kind of feel like you can only do it once in a while. So I don't get to the theatre much. I do want to see Mockingjay, but it'll have to wait... 'cause I haven't even seen Catching Fire yet!

    1. Oh my gosh! I totally missed tagging you in this!! I meant to do that, so please consider yourself tagged lol! My bad!

      I'm glad at least someone else remembers Xanga... lol People can be mean so I'm glad you are here now instead of there!

      Oh Frozen!! I saw that a couple of times in theater, but I always go to matinees and if I can in the mornings, so I can get cheap tickets. But you seriously must get on it! Catching Fire is fantastic and Mockingjay.... woah. I just saw it yesterday and was completely and utterly astounded. It's a HEAVY movie, but SOOOOO good!!!!

    2. Hahaha... thanks. I think? I have no idea how many followers I have anymore. At one point, I think I had about 300, but I don't think it's that high anymore. If it is, then I've got hundreds of followers who don't leave comments...

      Unfortunately, that was a matinee of Frozen that we saw... but I don't think there's a special matinee price for 3D movies. :(

      I'll have to see if the library has Catching Fire. There are no DVD rental places around anymore, and we have no ability to use a service like Netflix... so I'm very behind on my movie watching! The last one I saw was How to Train Your Dragon, which was pretty cute... and now I want to read the book!

    3. Oh I meant that in the nicest way! Also, I always have a problem calculating how many followers a blog has so I just go by what I see on bloglovin. :)


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