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Sunday, November 23, 2014

First off don't expect this post to be a review or anything, but you can expect it to be an screaming, flailing, fangirling thought-dump. I was happy to see this movie in a relatively empty theater with the wonderful Becca of Pivot Book Reviews. And we were not ready for the feel fest this was about to cause.

Seriously ALL THE FEELS!

I freaking LOVED the crap out of this movie! I was nervous going into it because I was hearing from some people that they didn't like it. I have no freaking idea what they were smoking (no offense if you were one of those people), but I thought this was a perfect film adaptation in every stinkin' way.

I guess one of the reasons people may not like it is the change of pacing (but it matches with the book) and possibly if they are Team Gale of not.

So you know how Catching Fire had a couple of goosebump or holy crap moments? Well, this movie was overflowing with those moments. It seemed like every fifteen minutes, I was covering my hand over my mouth, and my arms were in a constant state of goosebumps--I think it may now be a permanent thing for me, because that movie... ugh that movie was just everything and more.

They showed the effects of PTSD, the CGI was beautiful, the screenplay was utterly BRILLIANT, and the acting! Oh my gosh. THE ACTING, y'all!!! Out of this world fantastic! Jennifer Lawrence is deserving of ever single award she ever receives. She's a fantastic actress. I even thought Peeta did a really good job too!

I only have one complaint about this movie and it is so very minor. I know an important facet of this book was knowing what kind of world and government District 13 has going on... They skimmed over a lot of imperative information that I hope they flesh out in the second movie. If they don't some very important actions will seem out of left field.

Overall I LOVED this movie. I will probably plan on seeing this again in theaters before I get it on DVD.

You should all go see it and sob.


  1. Sounds like it was good! I realized this week that I haven't seen Catching Fire yet. I'm pretty sure I bought it on DVD so I need to dig it out.

    1. Oh no!!! Yes, you must catch up! Catching Fire was brilliant in and of itself, but this one...blew. me. AWAY! :)

  2. I agree! I want to go back and see it again too, it was just that good! Tears were streaming down my face the entire ride home. Can you even imagine what the last movie will do to us? My goodness.

    1. There's just a lot to unpack in that movie, and I personally thought they did soooooo well!!! I can't even think about what my emotion response will be to Pt II. I will be a ball of mess and crying fangirl. I mean PEETA!!!!


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