Hello, Love: December Vol. 4

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hello, Love consists of the things I've found in my adventures across the Internet, stored in my pockets, and can't wait to share with you. Consider this a secret archive for the bookish, the dreamers, and the movers and shakers of the world.

1. Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug. This is a one of a kind interview. You should watch it.

2. The Avengers sing Christmas carols. You need this in your life. You're welcome.

3. What to do with all that Christmas money? You should check out my Etsy store! ;)

4. The 4 stages of 'no more bookshelf space' grief as stated by EpicReads.

5. BookRiot came out with a very interesting and GREAT article about boy books vs. girl books. You really should read it!

It's Christmas Eve and chestnuts are roasting on an open fire. I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends and remember to have yourself a merry little Christmas. 

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  1. Interesting article on the gender divide. While what they say may be true in general, I think the reading material we see reviewed on book blogs is a little more skewed toward girls. But that may be because there are more female book bloggers, we tend to read more female authors and more books with female main characters, and there are an awful lot of bloggers who concentrate their reading on YA (which seems to lean toward the female side; MG and adult are another story). I only read four novels this year that were written by men; I read 25 by women. There were only six male main characters out of all those books (and a couple of those guys were co-main characters with a female).

    I know there are lots of books out there written by men, or with male main characters, or with storylines that would appeal to boys as well as girls. I just didn't read very many of them this year.


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