Top Ten Goals and Resolutions for 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish

1. Go to BEA!
I actually have a chance to go to BEA this next year! I'm so excited! I'm going with some awesome bloggers, and I'm über excited about it all! I have wanted to go to BEA for a while now, and the fact that I actually have a chance to go is so exciting!

2. Travel more!
I promised myself last year that I would travel more, and I did! I went to California and Washington DC. It's been some of the greatest trips I've taken in a long while. So that's going to be my goal again this year. I know that there are still more places I need to go. Obviously, I will be going to NYC for BEA come May, but I still want to take another trip somewhere else. I'm not exactly sure where that's going to be yet, but I know I need to just for myself, to make me better.

3. Gain more followers and be more interactive in the community
I know that sounds a bit conceited, but that actually is one of my goals because I really want to get to the point to request physical ARCs from publishers. So I decided that I would step it up a notch this next year and really work on getting better in this area.

4. Meet more bloggers in real life
So obviously, I will meet a lot of bloggers at BEA, but over the past year I have met a lot of cool people locally in Oklahoma and in Dallas. I have made friends with Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog and Becca from Pivot Book Reviews. I really want to meet more because book bloggers are seriously the coolest people on the planet.

5. Go to more book signings
This past year I have really enjoyed the events Irving Public Library has hosted. It's really been a great place to meet authors and actually feel like you aren't just being rushed through a signing line. That's why I can't wait for the North Texas Teen Book Festival that's happening in March. 

6. I really want to work harder on my writing.
I have three books I want to work on this year. I want to finish up with my revisions for Book II, and Book III, and then I want to finish writing Book IV. That's a HUGE amount of work, but I really want to focus on it this year. 

7. Learn more HTML coding
You guys I am soooooooo terrible at coding. Like, it's almost embarrassing how bad. It's a language I cannot speak, but so many other bloggers can. I need to step up my game. This is the year.

8. Read more books
I actually accomplished that goal this year. In 2013 I read 25 books. I know that's like abnormally low, but this year I read over 70, which was my Goodreads goal. I don't log every book I read, but I think it probably ended up being somewhere around 86 or 87. But next year, I want to read more,

9. Get my NetGalley ratio up to 90%
To me this is way more important than is probably healthy. I kinda fell into a NetGalley craze (along with my former co-blogger) when it came to requesting eARCs. Because of that, there is technically no way for me ever to reach 100% again because for some reason, it said I requested books that I did not review. Anyway, so my goal is to reach 90% and keep it like that. It's at 79% right now with two reviews about to go up and another one on the way, so I'm getting there. 

10. Guest reviewers
I want to get to a point where people want to feature reviews on my blog. Obviously having physical ARCs would help with this, but since I don't have that I'm not sure how realistic this goal is. Either way, I would still like to feature other bloggers on here at some point next year.

What about you? What are you goals and resolutions for the new year?


  1. These are fabulous goals!! And way to go by reading over double what you read last year! XD That is awesomeness. I am the weird who not only logs everything they read....I review it all too.>.> I love keeping track of books with lists. hehe. Goodreads FTW!
    BEA. Omigosh. LUCKY YOU. I demand a full post about that when you go. ;-) I wish Australia had something like that....apparently they started something (even called BEA because, well, Australia instead of America I suppose) but I don't think it's anywhere near as awesome as your version!
    I tried to make a list of goals but I only could think of like 5. MY BAD. I'm waiting till I feel more inspired. lol

    1. I know right? I have read probably 10-15 more books that I haven't logged because they weren't worth reviewing. I love Goodreads though. It seriously saves my life.

      Oh, you will get MANY posts about BEA once I go. I'm so pumped!!!

  2. The HTML coding is some thing I never thought about, all I can do is change background colors when it doesn't match mine in a copy and paste! Ha! I only do my own co-hosted feature, so I am adding The Sunday Post in 2015. I need to review more books on my blog. I review every book on Goodreads and Amazon, and do all the Netgalley and Edelweiss feedbacks, so I haven't felt too bad. I have neglected my MG blog, so I want to fix that. Yay for your writing! My BEA plans got a little muddled up because my intended room mate decided she wanted to spend three instead of two nights in the hotel, so I might just come down with my son for one day, or two days and one overnight. I only live three hours away from NYC, so that is doable. I hope to meet you there!

    1. Oh that's so nice not living super far! Yeah, it's difficult to find people who want to do the same thing as you. I get it!

  3. I've never been BEA even though I really want to but not sure how realistic it would be for me to go since I'm in another country :S I really want to go to a book signing too so fingers crossed some authors come my way in 2015!! HTML coding sounds so hard but I hope you accomplish that!! Happy 2015 soon~~

    1. I hope that you get more book signings in your area too! Every awesome person like you deserves to go to cool book signings. :)

  4. HTML coding... I end up pulling my hair out every few years when I redesign my blog because, other than that, I don't do much coding. So I forget everything I've learned from one redesign to the next!

    I would like to read more NetGalley books, but I need to get approved for them, first. I have let a few ARCs lapse in the past, so maybe I don't have a great reputation with NetGalley. Or maybe it's because I don't give glowing reviews to everything I read. I don't know...

    I want to compliment you on your new blog design. It's lovely and fresh! :)

    1. Oh I hate coding with a passion. I just don't understand it. I wish I was required to take a class for it in school, but obviously, I'm not.

      My former co-blogger went absolutely NUTSO on eARCs on NetGalley, and now it will never be perfect 100%, and as you probably have gathered, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And since she left, I'm stuck with a whole bunch of eARCs that I have no desire to read but I have to in order to write the reviews. It's a tad frustrating.

      As for my design, it drove me crazy when I tried by myself to do the coding. So much so, I had to pay someone to do it. Honestly, I'm happy I did. She didn't charge a whole ton, and I think she did an absolutely fabulous job! Much better than what I could do, and she answered all of my questions graciously.


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