Hello, Love: January Vol.2

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello, Love consists of the things I've found in my adventures across the Internet, stored in my pockets, and can't wait to share with you. Consider this a secret archive for the bookish, the dreamers, and the movers and shakers of the world.

1. Take a look at this super awesome family tree of languages. You philologists would love this kind of thing.

2. If you think libraries are absolutely gorgeous havens, you need to check out the top 18 libraries in the world

3. Do you want to DNF a book? You should read about the Rule of 50.

4. Listen to a couple singing two different Taylor Swift songs at the same time.

5. Disney medleys are kind of my favorite thing in the world. You're welcome!

6. Did I hear that right? Game of Thrones coming sooner than we think? April 12th is the release of Season 5, but there's something more?

School is starting back up, and we are all getting back into the swing of things. I wish you a great semester. Good luck!


  1. I have been doing a three chapters before dnfing rule and people were appalled that I wasn't using the thirty percent rule. Lol. I think this would be even less pages of the books I read, than the three chapter rule, which actually sounds appealing. Ha! The reason I implimented the three chapter rule is after reading all of these years I have found almost zero books turn around after the third chapter, but I have had many that have grabbed me near the end of the second chapter or during the third. And to the few that may have picked up in a later chapter, oh well. However, I have a question. This seems to have been happening a lot lately; where when I say I am just about to dnf a book , people say to wait because it picks up about half way through. I say I don't care how wonderful a book gets, if I have to wait until the 50% mark to get to it, book be damned. Would you keep reading to 50%?

    1. That's smart! I like the fifty rule, though I will generally give it 80 pages before DNFing. Well, that's exactly what a friend of mine said when I was reading Snow Like Ashes. That book nearly killed me. It didn't pick up (in my opinion) till about 60% through, and everyone told me just to keep reading because I almost DNFd it on three different occasions -one at 15%, 24% and 38%. It nearly killed me finishing the book and it took about a span of about three or four weeks to read (which is super weird for me). I ended up giving it 3 stars. It's frustrating, and I probably won't ever do it again, because I felt like I was wasting my time.

  2. GAME OF THRONES EEEEEP! That is definitely exciting! :D I hate that we only get 10 episodes a year! I like the 'Rule of 50' - I've heard another rule about DNF'ing a book, which is 'read to page 69' because a lot of the time, that's when action starts to happen, for some reason. *shrugs*

    By the way, Amanda, I LOVE the new layout! Very adorable! :D

    Rosie xx

    1. Gosh... 10 episodes. It kills me every stinkin' time. Because it's always the best ones that have 10 episodes.

      Awe, thanks! I love the new layout too! I think it looks snazzy! lol! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That family tree of languages... I WANT IT. And then I scrolled down to the comments of that post and saw one person who had the same idea as me, and another person who made a smartass reply to that comment, and yet ANOTHER person who made ANOTHER smartass reply to THAT reply. And then the entire conversation fell into talk about sarcasm. Um. The pretty illustrated language tree, anyone??

    It's funny -- my mom shared with me that post about the libraries, too! And holy cow, I want to visit all of them now. Especially the one in Boston. Oh, and the one in Copenhagen. AND the one in Tokyo. And Connecticut. Gossshh, who knew there were so many gorgeous libraries around the world? The only problem is that I'd probably get too distracted with the architecture instead of checking out the books. xD

    It's been AGES since I listened to a Disney medley! I used to listen to PAINT's ones, but then he sort of stopped YouTubing after a while, so I stopped too. The one you shared was freaking epic. YES, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AMANDA.

    Gah, I need to jump onto the GoT bandwagon soon... x_x

    1. I KNOW! I loved the language tree too!! It's so pretty!!! Didn't you love the Disney medley?! Oh my gosh please tell me you've seen Paint's princess parody video! If ever I'm feeling down I always watch it and laugh lol!

      And girl, yes you do. Jump on the GoT bandwagon because it's freaking worth it while also making you contemplate how insane you are for starting it since it only airs two months out of the year. It will give you gray hairs but it may yet be worth it haha!

  4. That language tree is cool. I used to pore over one that was printed in the back of our old dictionary... but it's nowhere near as pretty as that one!

    The DNF Rule of 50 is a good one. I was going to go with percentages (like 25 or 20 percent) but that means if I tackle something really long I'm kind of stuck for a while. 50 pages seems much more doable.

    1. I actually generally stick to 80 pages. I find 50 sometimes isn't enough, especially with longer fantasy novels, but 80 seems just about right. If it hasn't picked up by page 100 there's definitely a problem.


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