Hello, Love: April Vol. 3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello, Love consists of the things I've found in my adventures across the Internet, stored in my pockets, and can't wait to share with you. Consider this a secret archive for the bookish, the dreamers, and the movers and shakers of the world.

1. USB Drives are hidden in walls all around the world. This is a travelers dream!

2. Hannah from So Obsessed With shows off her Foxy Dori traveler journal! You should check out this sweet journal if you are an organized person. And plus it's just super cute!

3. This is the evolution and foundation of the English language. Enjoy!

4. Stay Bookish talks about why men opt out of fiction! This is definitely a good read!

5. Chuck Windig talks profanity in fiction and the new Clean Reader software.

My wish for you this week is that you read a book that makes you feel something so strongly it makes you change your life.


  1. Thank you for link #3 -- I took a history of the English language course when I was in college, and absolutely loved it. It was fun to see the maps and remember all of that history!

    1. It's fascinating right? I'm taking an Old English class right now and we learned about all of this and I just find it exceedingly interesting.

  2. Yes to USB ports everywhere! And the language maps are pretty cool --- my best friends throughout college were all linguists (*shudders*) so these kinds of things are always interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Aren't those USB things really cool? It makes me want to travel!


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