Hello, Love: June Vol. 2

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Hello, Love consists of the things I've found in my adventures across the Internet, stored in my pockets, and can't wait to share with you. Consider this a secret archive for the bookish, the dreamers, and the movers and shakers of the world.

2.  Make your own watercolor travel set for all those long road trips you'll take this summer.

4. Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, written by Andrew Lloyd Weber is supposed to be touring in the us in 2017!

5. A Lego guide to a hipster bartender. Have fun and joke.

Enjoy having fun in the sun!


  1. What a great collection of fun things! Thanks!

  2. OMG I saw the Bad Lip Reading of Redneck Avengers yesterday XD And AHHH PHANTOM OF THE OPERA SEQUEL?!?!? My life is basically complete now! They just need to make another movie with Gerard Butler and I will be a happy camper :)


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