One Month Hiatus

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello, my lovelies! As I'm sure some of you have gathered, a lot has been going on for me the last couple months. I thought that it would be good for me to have something to pour my energy into (my blog) while going through this, but it's kind of hard when you have other things you have to pour that same energy into such as family, thesis, volunteer hours, and work. 

So needless to say, I've decided to take a month away from the blog. All of my ARCs that I'm reviewing don't need to be up till August, so I think that this is the time to take a respite. 

For those of you who are taking part in the Books in Exchange for a Review thing I posted, it is obviously still going on. I will be answering Twitter and emails and such and sending out books, so by all means, take part in the fun. I will just be scheduling the reviews that do come in during the month of July for a date sometime in August or later in the fall depending on when you get it to me. 

I will be around the blogosphere, I just won't be posting on my blog like normal. I will be available to chat through email and Twitter, and I will probably be leaving comments on some of my favorite blogs, but I will be doing it at my own leisure. 

Thanks to all of you lovely folks who have been an amazing encouragement to me over the past month and a half. I love you and really appreciate all you do! :)

My mother passed away recently, so the hiatus will go on for a bit longer. I'm not sure how much longer, you may see a random review or two, because I scheduled them so far in advance. But I probably won't be back until September sometime.


  1. I'm glad you're taking some time for yourself <3 Go you!

  2. Okay I just came across your blog and wow....HOLY CAP This blog design is totally out of my eyeballs and it's so beautiful omg omg omg omg. I'm so jelly !! LOL I need this. I love ur blog and haha I'm a new follower :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz


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