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Amanda earned a BA in English from a small university in Texas and her MA in Creative Writing in Oklahoma. She is currently a Teaching Assistant while she works on her Ph.D. in English with specializations in Young Adult Literature and Women and Gender Studies. She hopes to eventually spread her love of literature with all students who take her class. She dreams of becoming a published author and writing of great adventures and daring sword fights. One of her main goals in life is to own a library with a ladder and backpack across Europe. Amanda also enjoys the smell of old books, wearing scarves, drinking hot tea, glasses rather than contacts, and boys who can play acoustic guitar. If you talk to her about lit theory intelligently, she just might swoon.

Frequent Guests:
Jamie earned her degree in English and writing from a small university in Nowhere, Texas. She recently completed her Masters in Library Science with hopes of improving libraries all over the US with her snark and rapier wit. When she's not staring out of windows or admiring skinny boys in suits, you can bet she's holed up somewhere inhaling coffee and writing furiously.

Addison is a twentysomething graduate student studying Creative Writing. She lives in a sleepy midwestern town along with her corgi, Gatsby. She enjoys sweet tea, writing, boys in scarves, glitter, the oxford comma, puddle jumping, and fangirling over the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. She moonlights as a butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. 

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