Review Policy

Review Policy:
Thank you for visiting Of Spectacles and Books! Would you like to submit a book for review? Contact us with a review request via email.

ofspectaclesandbooks (at) gmail (dot) com 
or you can go to our contact page and send us a message via there.

*Keep in mind that the information below is imperative for you to know before requesting a book for review.

What are our reading preferences?
   Amanda prefers the following genres: dystopia, paranormal, fantasy (especially high fantasy), historical fiction, romance, science fiction, action/thriller, adventure or anything feminist. My tastes vary and can sometimes be called eclectic, but I mostly stick to the fantasy genre. At this time I am not accepting self-published novels.

*Take note that I accept YA and Middle Grade lit. Adult fiction is seldom reviewed, but I do review it if it piques my interest.

What format do I use when emailing you a book for review?
   I would appreciate all emails recommending a book for review include the following information:
Title, author, release date, summary, and a picture of the cover (if available). Any links to further information would be appreciated.

Where do we post reviews?
   I post to many websites including, this website, I link to Twitter on occasion, my personal Goodreads account, and Amazon.

What is our turn around time?
  My turn around time is roughly 6 months if the release date isn't soon. I have a long list of books I want to read and review; however, I have no set order. If there is a book that you would like reviewed sooner, I require you to specify this need. This may or may not influence my decision, but I will be sure to let you know either way. Conversation and compromise come in handy when discussing dates in which reviews should/need to be posted.

What formats do you review?
  I especially prefer physical books; however, I would be happy to take ebooks (in Kindle format), audiobooks, and eARCs. I accept books that have/will be published through publishing companies.
  As for ARCs, I will do my best to make sure that the reviews for these books are published within the month of the release date.

Want other ways for us to promote your book?
  I am more than willing to work with you on this front. If there are other ways I can promote your books, such as posting on different sites, hosting interviews, doing a giveaway, or other such promotional offers, let me know and I would be happy to accommodate. 

I will never try to sell your books on any website; however, I may give your book away if the offer presents itself. 

  Note that giveaways, author interviews, and promotional events are welcomed but are dependent upon my schedule.

How kind are you in your reviews?
  I (and all other guests who happen to review on this site) pride myself on being as honest as I can no matter if I buy the book or are given the book by the publisher. If I read a book that I love, I will forever promote it to users, followers, friends, and family. If I read a book that I don’t like, I will state logical reasons why in a constructive and respectful manner.

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